Already at the turn of the year we were looking forward to five days of wild dancing, inspiring art and lots of feelings with you!
The current COVID-19 situation, however, threatens Feel Festival, just like many other cultural projects, very acutely and with such a scope that not only livelihoods are at stake, but also open spaces and safe spaces that have been established over the years. now hanging by a thread.

Feel Festival is currently in an uncertain situation and we have to be patient for at least a few more weeks until politicians can evaluate the effectiveness of the measures implemented and make reliable forecasts for the coming months.
With these findings, the government will set new standards that will also be addressed to us.
As soon as the time comes, we will know if we will have to pursue alternative plans. If this happens, we will inform you immediately.
At this point in time we can tell you quite frankly that a postponement would hit us really hard, as the plans are currently 85% complete. Our diverse art and music program has already been booked and contracts with service providers have been signed.

None of us saw this situation coming and it pushes us all to our limits. We also dealt with the scenario of canceling Feel Festival this summer with a heavy heart. However, there is currently no prohibition by the responsible licensing authorities for our festival date.
However, we need this prohibition by the authorities in order to be able to withdraw from contracts and confirmed offers. In the event of a cancellation for our own reasons, we are unfortunately liable to recourse against some service providers, which would lead us directly to bankruptcy. We hope for solidarity across the industry as we are all in the same boat and want to continue sailing next year.
We are also considering the option to put the event in late summer. However, this option only comes into play if there is a realistic chance of feasibility.

To give you planning security, we have a deadline no later than April 30th. set to make a decision and inform you in a comprehensive newsletter. In order to get other thoughts by then and to bridge the time at home with more joy, we have considered interactive program items for the coming Sunday, which we will present to you via our channels in the stream. So far we make the most of the meantime, write postcards to our loved ones and teach our grandparents Skyps.

Please treat both your fellow human beings and you with consideration and stay healthy!

Your feel family