Workshops and Discourses

For a long time, Feel Festival has been much more than just a music festival. Each year, we put together an even more diverse range of workshops, discourses and actions for you.

In the middle of the forest at our Baumschule, you can nourish body and mind in the nursery and give free rein to your creativity – at a yoga or meditation session, a body awareness workshop, a drawing course or even an exciting lecture on club culture or a look behind the scenes the Feel Festival.

Every year, more than 60 workshops, hands-on activities and lectures on sustainability are waiting for you at Camp Carlowitz. In addition to dealing with “futuristic” and political discussions, alternative lifestyles and strategies, the fun is not too short here and so is from the herb hike to open breakfast and bird migration all there.

In our circus tent you can experiment with performative formats, balance, participate in dance workshops and practice in Taji.

Also, the Bermuda Dreieck always holds a variety of surprises to explore and try out for you. From holy smoke workshops, to drawing courses, to Kleckerburgenbau sessions.