What a cancellation of the festival means for you:
Since the event cannot take place this year, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket price. We will refund the ticket price to every guest excluding system and payment fees and leave it up to you to donate a solidarity contribution.

What a cancellation of the festival means for us:
We are facing charges that are not matched by any income this year. So you can see what some of you have probably already realized: The cancellation is bad and hits us hard! If many of you would like to take advantage of the right of refund and want to have 100% of the ticket price refunded, this would mean a heavy financial burden for us. If it is possible for you to support us and donate a part of your ticket, we would be happy about every single person who is able to do so.

How does the donation work:
Under the following link you can decide whether you want to donate a part of your ticket or if you want to claim back the whole ticket amount. We are happy about every contribution that ensures our continued existence. As a limited liability company we are not entitled to issue a donation receipt.

Why don’t we participate in the state voucher option? 
Everybody is in an individual life situation and we deliberately do not want anybody to have to wait for a possible refund until 31.12.2021, as required by law. You have your own worries and needs in this uncertain time, so we would like to leave it up to you and your individual financial capabilities to support us in this difficult time and therefore not participate in the state voucher option.

When can we expect to receive a refund? 
The refund will be made as soon as possible after your personal reclaim via the above link depending on our liquidity. We are giving our best to have it done within 14 days.

Is the refund limited in time?
The refund is valid for three years from the date of publication. If you do not currently need a refund, we would be happy to refund the amount at a later date.

I have not yet received my ticket. How do I proceed?
If you have not yet received your order, you can apply for your refund with your Bestell-ID in the above form.