Dear Feel friends,  


We have made every effort possible to be able to celebrate our two Feel Festival Editions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 together at Bergheider See in just a few weeks and receive a binding statement from the authorities to be able to give you planning security for your festival summer. Unfortunately this process has dragged on to this day that we are able to derive a decision.

We are now finally able to announce our news to you. And classic – we have good news and bad news.  

So, bad news first? 

Okay, let’s go: Our two Feel Editions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 will not be able to take place in July as planned. Despite our extensive hygiene and test concept, the authorities unfortunately could not give us any planning security and we did not receive the necessary permits. Even with the significantly reduced number of visitors per festival, reference was only made to the federal emergency brake, which excludes events of our size at the time.  

This is of course a shame – but luckily we also have good news, in fact very, very good news:  

We will all meet again in September at Feel Festival 2021. With the support coming from all the opening strategies, the daily increasing vaccination rates and falling incidence values, we are sure that we will celebrate our reunion with you soon – no split versions, in full capacity with the usual splendor at Bergheider See! <3  

We need each other! Now more than ever before! In real life and not through a computer screen with eye contact distorted through the reflection of your own face.  

Let us finally come together again under safe conditions and give us the chance to work through this crisis together and instead of letting these wounds cut deeper and become more irreparable let us emerge from this experience stronger than before. 

So save the date in your calendars one last time:  

2nd – 5th September Feel Festival 2021  

All ticket reservations that you have for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 will automatically be carried over to the Feel Festival in September. You don’t have to do anything else. Within the next two weeks you will receive a request for payment from us and with this information you can convert the reservations into actual tickets.  

Of course, all the security and freedom that is promised us with a festival in late summer brings even more advantages. Cause now it’s time to go big!  


Tell your friends, tell your fam: everyone who has not been able to get a reservation will soon have another chance to secure a ticket.  

The next round of advance sales starts on:  

June 20, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. on our website:  

So set the alarm clock and send some positive energy to our sever! 

At this point we want to emphasize once again that the safety of everyone involved is our top priority. Of course, all of this flows into the planning of our event, so that the whole thing does not culminate in a purely hedonistic ego party, but we will take the current pandemic situation very seriously during the entire duration of the festival as well as during the preparation and follow-up.  

Nevertheless, we also have to fight back our freedom and find a way out of this culturally very quiet time together. With all the focus on the physical health of the population, one shouldn’t lose sight of mental health either. We must be able to come together, exchange ideas, inspire and strengthen each other and find a way to deal with this pandemic emotionally together. For more than a year now, all of this has hardly taken place or has been moved digitally, which of course cannot replace direct and in person exchange. Culture is not a luxury – culture is fundamental for the development and the harmonious continuation of a society! After over a year with this virus, we have gathered enough expertise in all areas to do better. Now we have to finally apply the knowledge we have acquired and not continue to swing from one lockdown light to the next. We work with a large number of experts to create precisely these foundations for a safe reunion. And in order to take this spirit with us, which is currently transforming in our society, we have also decided on a new festival motto for 2021, which could not be more suitable:  


“Restart possible ?!”  


What can we, as a society, take with us from this crisis? Will we continue as before or will we use this fundamental shift to leave long-obsolete structures behind?  

After all these months filled with justified and appropriate solidarity, consideration and restrictions we are incredibly happy that we can finally get back together with our big and beloved Feel family thanks to the knowledge we have gained over time and the progress of the vaccination campaign! 

We are very touched by the anticipation that you share with us and are counting down the days until we are finally able to dance with you again.  

See you soon at the lake!  

Dearest greetings,  

Your Feel family