In the heart of a shimmering magical world, drawn by endless sand dunes and sun-drenched forests, between dancing ladybugs, busy bees, blooming flora and fauna, we have found the natural backdrop that took our breath away: the Bergheider See in the Niederlausitzer heathland.
With the awareness that a festival in itself is never a sustainable organization or enterprise, we try to develop the Feel Festival in the sense of sustainability and to handle our environment with care.
On the one hand, we try to sensitize and inform our audience. With Camp Carlowitz, we dedicate a whole stage to sustainability at the festival, where we, together with our visitors, seek to explore the possibilities of sustainable lifestyles through more than 60 hands-on activities and workshops and to create awareness for the region of Niederlausitz. In addition, we try to motivate the festival guests every year to travel to the car with alternative transport options. For this reason, in 2017 we introduced the Auto-Camping-Pass for the first time.
On the other hand, we try to make the infrastructure of the festival itself more and more ecologically sustainable. In 2016, we worked as the first festival in Germany during the event exclusively with eco-toilets. For this we were even awarded the Festival Award Helga.
In addition, we aim to work as closely as possible with regional partners and service providers.

We are always happy to send you further ideas and suggestions on how to design our festival operation at