Feel Festival 2020 canceled due to the Coronavirus crisis

What does the cancellation of the festival mean for me?
Since the event cannot take place this year, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket price. We will refund the ticket price to every guest excluding system and payment fees and leave it up to you to donate a solidarity contribution.

What does the cancellation of the festival mean for you?
We are facing charges that are not matched by any income this year. So you can see what some of you have probably already realized: The cancellation is bad and hits us hard. If many of you would like to take advantage of the right of refund and want to have 100% of the ticket price refunded, this would mean a heavy financial burden for us. If it is possible for you to support us and donate a part of your ticket, we would be happy about every single person who is able to do so.

How does the donation work?
Under the following link you can decide whether you want to donate a part of your ticket or if you want to claim back the whole ticket amount.

Get your refund and support us here

We are happy about every contribution that ensures our continued existence. As a limited liability company we are not entitled to issue a donation receipt.

Why don’t we participate in the state voucher option?
Everybody is in an individual life situation and we deliberately do not want anybody to have to wait for a possible refund until 31.12.2021, as required by law. You have your own worries and needs in this uncertain time, so we would like to leave it up to you and your individual financial capabilities to support us in this difficult time and therefore not participate in the state voucher option.

When can we expect to receive a refund?
The refund will be made as soon as possible after your personal reclaim via the above link.

Is the refund limited in time?
The refund is valid for three years. If you do not currently need a refund, you would do us a great favor, by postponing your refund to a later date.

I have not yet received my ticket. How do I proceed?
You can use your order ID to request a refund by clicking HERE.

Info about tickets

Where is my ticket?
Every order that has been paid before 12th Dec. 2019 at 5:35pm has been sent and should have arrived by now. If your order has not or your letter has been damaged, contact ticket@feel-festival.de.

When will my order be shipped?
Next shipping starts May 2020. Should you move by then, let us know your new address by 22 April via mail to ticket@feel-festival.de.

You’ll need an Autopass to park your car or camper on the campsite. One Autopass per car suffices. If you want to park your car in the car parking area, you don’t need an Autopass.

Residents from Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf, Lieskau, Klingmühl and Theresienhütte get free entrance to the Feel Festival on presentation of the identity card at the entrance.

After ordering tickets, you’ll receive an automated order confirmation via email. Please also check your spam inbox. If you didn’t receive said order confirmation, please contact ticket@feel-festival.de. Please also contact this address for all other questions related to tickets (change of address, payment, more / less tickets etc.).

Every ticket enables you to experience the whole five day Feel festival (including camping in a tent).

Info about everything else

The Feel Festival is situated on sandy beaches and uneven meadows. Therefore accessibility for wheelchair users is only partially given. There will be adapted toilets on the festival site. If you require an accompanying person, please state so and verify with your disability card. This chosen person will then be granted free entry.

This year’s lineup will be announced on site. Timetable and further information will be handed out to you as a programme when you enter the premises.

If you’re planning on using a BBQ during the festival, please make sure to only cook at declared BBQ
areas to reduce the risk of forest fires. Disposable barbecues which come directly in contact with the ground are not permitted.

It makes no difference where you are, we’ll never be far apart!
The Bassliner will comfortably drive you from Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden or Leipzig directly to the festival. Tickets will be available soon.

Bus shuttles from Bahnhof Finsterwalde to the festival site will be available from Thursday to Monday. Due to peak city traffic times en route, we cannot guarantee specific departure times. Nonetheless, for a small fee one can take the shuttle back and forth even late at night.

Please put up your tents within the marked area and keep any roads clear, given that all roads are escape routes and fire lanes.
You are free to bring your own drinks and food but please pay attention to our no-glass policy. Please fill your drinks in plastic bottles and buy groceries in plastic containers. Be aware that your bags may be searched at the entrance.

Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to attend the festival. We kindly ask you to leave your children with your parents or someone else you trust.

No confetti! Don’t take confetti with you! It is literally impossible to clean it up on the beach or in the woods.

Please leave your dogs and other pets at home or with someone you trust. It wouldn’t be much fun for them anyway.

The dealing or use of illegal drugs is not condoned on the festival premises. Anyone caught dealing drugs will be expelled from the festival grounds and reported to the police.

Minors under the age of 18 years will not be granted entry to the festival area. Please note that you may be checked at the entrance. We strongly advise to take an official and valid ID or passport with you. Student cards will not be accepted.

… means to have fun, make friends with your campsite neighbours, not only to keep an eye on each other’s stuff but to buddy up during the festival too and provide help if needed. It’s so easy to spread a little happiness! Criminal assault, discrimination and malicious mischief will not be tolerated and offenders risk possible eviction from the festival and handing-over to the police.

As romantic as they might appear, open fires such as bonfires are highly dangerous and therefore strictly prohibited. The same applies to Chinese lanterns. Both festival grounds and campsite are located near the woods, leading to a high risk of forest fires.
In case of fire, please contact any staff member immediately, even if the fire was controlled and since put out by you.

As in recent years we have provided a comprehensive medical and first aid service which includes first aid posts, as well as paramedics who will be looking after festival goers. Don’t hesitate to address them if you or another person is in need of help. Take care!

There’s an array of food to suit all kinds of taste, be it vegan, vegetarian or meat-based.

There are garbage bins all over campsite ready to be used. Smokers, please don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground. This is trash also.

As broken glass poses an exceedingly high risk of injury for us and all wildlife, glass containers of any kind are prohibited on both festival and campsite.

Like many other festivals, we don’t own stages or Portapotties. We rent them.
Yet last year some people felt tempted to tag and spray toilets and decoration materials, leaving us in duty to clean it up with a lot of effort and costs. Any person caught in the act will face eviction from the festival, and an official police report will be filed. Charges will be brought against you to cover damages to property.

We love nature and we love Bergheider See. All our campsites are green campsites. Please act accordingly.

You forgot your toothbrush or are in dire need of condoms? Check out the Kiosk! From cigarettes to sweets and other stuff, we cater for lots of common items easily left at home.

Found something? Lost something? The lost-and-found office will be located at the Kiosk. Please hand in any found valuables. If you’re missing something, check there or alternatively, after the festival, contact us at info@feel-festival.de.

Campsite will open by Thursday 2 p.m. and close on Tuesday 12 (noon).

Taking photos with non-professional gear (analog and digital cameras without interchangeable lenses) is allowed. Filming however is not permitted.

Instead of buying bottled water, you can re-fill your bottle for free at the water station located in the bathroom area – day or night. All the tap water on site is the same quality water that comes out of your tap at home. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!

No glass containers or weapons of all kinds (even saws or axes) are permitted. No animals, sofas, generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste, drugs, gas containers >450 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorised fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, banners, stickers or patches are allowed to carry.
Contact security or a festival employee if you see any wrongdoing.
Don’t use a gas container if it is damaged or in poor condition. Make sure it is safe to use and meets the requirements of the german DIN norm before using it.
Wilful destruction of trees and groves shall be prosecuted.

In case of severe weather please leave the festival site and water at once. Avoid the forest, tents and pavilions. We strongly advise seeking shelter in a car until the thunderstorm passes by.

We strongly advise you to only swim in marked bathing areas. Lifeguards will be on spot and provide safety in case of emergency. Bathing outside of marked areas will be at own risk.
Please use only biodegradable hygiene products when cleaning yourself in the lake. Regular shampoos and soaps are extremely environmentally harmful and therefore forbidden in the lake. You can find biodegradable goods in every well-stocked outdoor store.

Feel Festival is an overwhelmingly peaceful and social event, yet to our dismay some crime might occur. Please only bring what you can afford to lose, look after you and your friends belongings and store them safely if you cannot wear them directly on your body. Unfortunately we cannot offer property lock-ups.

Expect to receive a magnificent wristband! It is your door to all festival and camping sites. Security shall conduct random controls, so please make sure to never lose or remove it.