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Greenhouse gas emissions have been rising for years and yet coal, oil and gas are still being mined. Our politicians are doing nothing to avert the climate crisis. At Feel Festival, we are aware of our responsibility as organizers and try to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible and also to help our guests ensure that their festival visit is not at the expense of our environment.

The most important aspect in reducing emissions is transport. For this purpose, we will once again offer a guided bike tour from Berlin this year, where the luggage of the participants will be transported by an escort vehicle if required and everyone can make their way to the Feel Festival carefree and climate-neutral. Further information will follow soon on our website and also on our social media channels.
In addition, Bassliner offers again this year trips from twelve German cities! A fully occupied coach even has a better eco-balance than a train. Also from the Netherlands you can arrive this year with a maximum of three different cities.

We will also be creating an online group for finding and offering rideshare for the first time. Where you will find this and how it works, we will tell you soon.

Another often underestimated factor in terms of a positive climate balance is the food. By consciously choosing what we eat, we can also significantly reduce climate change. A vegetarian or vegan diet not only protects animals, but also saves immense amounts of water that would otherwise have to be used to produce animal foods. Even forests that have to be cut down to grow feed are spared if we reduce our consumption of meat.

That’s why there’s always been a great variety of vegetarian and vegan food and drink on the Feel, and maybe one or the other is well worth the meat-free meal during the festival. All dishes from our foodcourts prepared with meat must have at least the EU organic label.

The majority of the raw materials (such as wood and Co.), which we need to build our loving Floors, we source from the region. On the one hand, this supports regional companies and at the same time protects the environment by avoiding unnecessarily long transport routes. We even buy many materials in the decoration area or pick them up from „scrap yards“ and then use them for several years – true to the motto „Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“.

In order to spare further resources we have always decided not to print in marketing. So no valuable trees have to die, just so we can supply the cities with posters. We also deliberately refuse flyers and stickers for these reasons.

In order to be able to enjoy all the colorful lights without a guilty conscience at night, we only use fixed current and set generators at the points where there is no other possibility. We are very fortunate that the infrastructure of the area already gives a lot here. Additional power distribution is a pleasure every year in order to protect our environment. Furthermore, 100% green electricity is used at the festival site, which further brings us to our goal of a sustainable festival. This year we will also be using hydrogen generators for the first time to test out this technology.

We know that it is a big task to avert climate change, but we do our very best to make our contribution. If you have ideas and suggestions on how we can improve, we are ready to exchange views.

We are happy about every visitor who supports us with his / her reflected behavior in making the Feel Festival sustainable!