Making the Feel Festival as sustainable as possible is one of our great goals in the past and in the future. As part of this, we take a variety of measures to minimize the ecological footprint of our festival. One of them is the MitRAD opportunity from Berlin in cooperation with the ADFC Berlin. The arrival of visitors causes by far the largest part of the CO2 emissions of the entire festival. That is why we try to encourage more and more of our guests to travel by bike – including good humor, music and luggage transport, so that you can come to the Feel Festival 2019 carefree. Arriving at the Bergheider See, all bike heroes have a secured, shady campsite with „sea view“, a bathroom flat for free and a few small surprises for the whole weekend. You can find all further information and the link to the registration here:

And also from Dresden you can do a guided bike tour this year together with the BUNDjugend Dresden and the ADFC Dresden. Here, too, expect the same benefits as soon as you arrive at the lake, as in the bicycle arrival from Berlin. Your luggage will be comfortably hauled by a part car during the tour, so that you can come to it carelessly. All information and the registration can be found here: