Together against climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions have been rising for years and yet coal, oil and gas are still being mined. Our politicians are doing nothing to avert the climate crisis. At Feel Festival, we are aware of our responsibility as organizers and try to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible and also to help our […]

Taking the bike to Feel Festival

Making the Feel Festival as sustainable as possible is one of our great goals in the past and in the future. As part of this, we take a variety of measures to minimize the ecological footprint of our festival. One of them is the MitRAD opportunity from Berlin in cooperation with the ADFC Berlin. The […]

Taking the bus to Feel Festival

Don’t want to search for a parking space? Environmentally friendly and stress-free this year again with Bassliner! Starting from Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hanover via Brunswick, Munich, Kassel via Göttingen and Frankfurt. Tickets are available at With Maximaltrips there is also the possibility to arrive from Amsterdam, Enschede, Utrecht!

Together against the waste

It is well known that festivals have a problem with garbage and rubbish left indiscriminately on the festival grounds. With five days of celebration and little sleep, people tend to forget what amounts of waste can be produced in such a short time. This is usually only visible when the festival area slowly empties. But […]